Timeline - What does yours look like?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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Timeline - What does yours look like?

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More timeline ideas may be found on other threads, as well:

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General Timeline Ideas
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Time Lines

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KSwife wrote:We're starting Creation to Greeks on Monday. Can't wait, it looks like so much fun. :) Can any of you share with me how you've done your timeline? I'm mostly interested in how long you made it. I would like to find a semi-permanent spot for it.
The pictures in the appendix can be photo copied so you can cut each one out and glue it to a sheet of notebook paper at the top. On the bottom half write a summary of the picture above. Each sheet of notebook paper is taped together to make one long line or tape it to make a square from four sheets of paper. This is so you can fold the time-line if you do not have wall space to tape it up.

Another way to do the time-line is simply use a 3-ring notebook with each timeline page. We like this best that way each of my three children have their own personal time-line and History notebook to see the work they have done. At the end of the year I remove the pages and add it to our school files.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Time Lines

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We use two. We painted one on our school room wall and then each of the children have a large sketch pad that we draw a line across the middle of each page, add dates, and stick the timeline figures on. We don't do a certain amount of dates on each page.

Because MFW goes through history chronologically, I figure we just take as much space as we need. I am more concerned about them seeing things in order and not having to stress about spacing than I am that all the pages address the same amount of time.
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Re: Time Lines

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Just a thought...its the memory that we capture in our childrens education. I take lots of pictures since I cannot save everything. My children and I LOVE to look back at the things we have done. Sounds like you are having fun!

We began using MFW in Kinder with my older two children. I have used MFW Preschool and now we are piloting the Exploration to 1850. With MFW you have the lesson plan and from there use what works for your family. The main thing is have fun.

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Re: Time Lines

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The CTG timeline is pretty much going to be all B.C. history, except for a couple things like the composers & your family.

Ours is vertical, on the closet door at the end of the hallway. My dd has had her timeline there for a couple years, so little brother wants his right next to hers on the other sliding door. (I'll add a little pic here )

We started at the floor and put the end (the question mark) up near the ceiling. We just move the later dates up if we need more room. We have laminated them so they are easy to move.

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:45 pm
I own enough timeline materials to create a museum :o( Homeschool in the Woods creates some nice stuff but it is immense. [MFW does use this for high school]

I like MFW's method of using timelines sparingly in the early years. And then in 1850-MOD we will revisit what we have done and create a book.

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:57 am

We have CTG and RTR on one closet door, vertically (up and down). So what is the height of a closet -- about 7 feet? We just bunched them up sometimes. We weren't too picky about spacing.
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No space for a timeline

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Tina wrote:I do not have wall space for the CTG timeline (we did have wall space when we did the timeline in 1st, but not now). I really loved having it on the wall, however, it just isn't going to work that way. Do you all have suggestions of where you put your timeline? How did you display it? How did it work for the dc to access it and look at it and add to it?
Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:06 pm
As far as where to put your timeline, do you have a back of a door that you could use? If you covered it with butcher paper or bulletin board paper first you wouldn't have to put tape directly on your wood door. That would give you lots of vertical space too! Just an idea.

We just "installed" a timeline on our wall recently. We had one up for years, then did a timeline out of a spiral notebook for a few years, and are going back to having one on the wall again. Personally, I didn't think the spiral notebook was quite as effective for my younger kids. If I had it to do over, I would have made an accordion style time line by taping cardstock together -- something that could be folded out for the visual effect but then "stacked" back up again for storage. That way, you get the benefit of a continuous timeline without sparing the wall space.

Re: No space for a timeline

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Tina wrote:Also, does the timeline just continue on into RtR, or do you start a new one for RtR?
Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 5:40 pm
Well, I have the wall space so I just continued on. (Basement -- they see it each time they go down there.)

If possible, try to keep a few of the CTG timeline pictures from about 753 BC and forward when you start RTR timeline.

RTR timelines start with the founding of Rome, forming Republic and we found it very helpful to see what else had happened that we knew about to help put those events in their time.

For acordian style, basically take paper (I used regular notebook or construction paper) and tape one bottom to one top, and fold back and forth (so it zig zags) and lay it flat (or as close to flat as possible) when done.

Would a ringed notebook help with the accordian style time line? Punch holes and file? I don't know if it would file well in a ringed notebook. Maybe just a file folder for protection a bit. I dunno.

I didn't get too concerned with exact spacing of time intervals. In other words, I didn't necessarily keep it to scale with so many inches equals some many years.

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Re: No space for a timeline

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 9:32 am
I have looked at an accordian-style timeline at Rainbow Resource for years but never bought it. It's name is something like We were signing the Constitution when Beethoven was... I ended up making my own timeline a couple years ago in a book.

I would really like to get one up on the wall because I think my children will understand the visual so much better. I liked hearing the back of door idea and I walked around the house yesterday looking for "non-invasive" wall spaces we may have. I have a nice hallway upstairs but it has textured paint on it...maybe I can get that to work though:)

Thanks for the question...it has got me thinking ahead!
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Re: No space for a timeline

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Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 5:44 pm
For our actual "line" I put up a LONG piece of yarn, very high on the wall, like about a foot or two from the ceiling, then we add the numbers and events and pictures as we go, and can move and adjust if we need to, we use that ticky tack stuff, or double sided tape (whichever we find first), and I cover the items with clear contact paper first so they are more durable, and seem to look better. Ours is on our longest wall in the house, which is in our living room. So, even when we clean up for company it is still there, but I have never had anyone even ask about it. Most people who know us, know we homeschool though... The dd's love to climb or be lifted to put up the next piece on the timeline. It probably isn't the best way to do it, but it is working!
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CTG Timeline?

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Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 5:38 pm

We use one whole wall of our basement for our timeline. It is such a great visual while going through History. We added our CtoG pieces right along side of our Adventures, and assume we'll do the same for every unit.

We don't do them one at a time though, our first day of school was constructing the time line pieces. We colored them, but them out, glued them to construction paper for a backing. Placed them on the timeline and talked about each piece. I used it as a basis to tell them what an exciting year we were going to have.


The 4 Year Time Line

Unread post by cbollin »

jenpatch wrote:I would love to hear from parents who have done the four year history cycle AND have used the same wall time line for the four years. We are starting Creation to the Greeks this year and would like to set our wall time line up so that we can add to it for the next four years. I know that some people put their time line in books or rolls or on the back of doors, but what I really want to know is how much space I need on a wall to be able to put up all of the time line pieces that come with all four history years. When we did MFW First Grade I didn't make my time line long enough at first and I had to keep taking pieces down and shuffling things around. I'm just OCD enough that I'd like to set this one up right the first time. :) Thank you! - Jenpatch
I am not OCD, but my oldest child is. So hugs. and welcome to the forum

I have done this 2 different ways. My styles may not benefit you. I am on round two of doing the MFW history cycle. (We did round 1 ECC-1850MOD from 2003 until 2008). So, 2nd time around with middle child.

First time I did the cycle, I tried at first to space the marker pieces at some given interval. As I moved along, I realized it was more important to have events in the correct order rather than trying to have the proper spacing. That became the priority part to focus on as I began to tell my oldest child. I'm serious about her OCD, so I assume you are too.

This time, I'm in a new house, different walls. Instead of taping to the walls, or anything like that, we are putting the timeline pieces in a pocket folder. I've recently explained some of that on another thread. Or maybe it wasn't so recent.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 986#p75986
On that thread is a link to one company's version of that product, pocket chart
I actually got mine at Target store one year in the back to school aisle.

So, we put one piece, then the next piece and all of that. I don't have an easy way to take a picture and upload it. Maybe later? But right now, as we have done CTG, RTR, I have filled in 5 and half rows. This year in EX1850, I should add about another... 2 or 2.5 rows of that. Each row is about 32 inches across.
There are 10 rows on my pocket chart.

The first time we did it, I was thinking about just going around the wall. Due to how it works out with how many pieces vary in time eras, it wasn't as neat as I would have liked. I brought the CTG and RTR up from the concrete wall in the basement eventually.... But during EX1850, I started a new wall upstairs. So, clearly I wasn't too concerned on it.

I'm liking the pocket chart much better for several reasons. Size and ease to put on the wall just outside of the child's bedroom. All in one place. No tape to deal with (my oldest and tape..) and for those few times in RTR where a piece is added as a "let's back up a moment" time... example, the founding of Rome happens before the end of CTG year pieces... it's easy to slide things.

I don't know if any of that helps you to plan how you want to do it. I don't have an answer of "my timeline was X feet long" over the years. And if I did measure it right now with the 5.5 rows of 32 inches... that has to be realized that I don't bother with evenly graphed and spaced time markers.

Special note: in year 5, you will convert the pieces from CTG, RTR, EX1850 into a book format. Year 5, 1850MOD, included a timeline book because there are about 150 timeline pieces. There's no way to do all of that successfully on a wall. So, that will be spelled out for you when you get there.

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Re: The 4 Year Time Line

Unread post by gratitude »

Thank you Crystal. I am not the original poster, but this is really helpful to read. I did evenly space mine for MFW1 around the wall. I liked seeing it spaced out. It gave me a sense of the flow of history. HOWEVER, I kept seeing when we added things the problem of running out of space when we came to ADV. I started to wonder if 3 walls of one room wouldn't even be enough, and how was this ever going to work over time!

I had to take my time-line down for showings of our home since we are trying to sell this summer. Your above information though is extremely helpful. It gives me some insights for after the move, and what we may need to do to plan for an eventual time-line of more than 200 pieces. It makes me think of one time-line book we have that folds up like an accordion and goes from Creation to the present. When the children stretch it out it reaches through our entire dining room and living room. If they do it upstairs it reaches from the bedroom doors at one end of the house to the bedroom door at the other end of the house. A full time-line would take an incredible amount of space! Your pockets make sense. Now I understand why they sell home school timeline books to fill in too.

Thank you!

Re: The 4 Year Time Line

Unread post by cbollin »

Carin, your description made me appreciate the work of the Bayeau Tapestry all that much more. Talk about a large time line ;)

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Re: The 4 Year Time Line

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jenpatch wrote:I know that some people put their time line in books or rolls or on the back of doors, but what I really want to know is how much space I need on a wall to be able to put up all of the time line pieces that come with all four history years.
Just wanted to be sure you caught the part where Crystal said that the last year is done in a timeline book, so really you just need space on the wall for 3 years.

Sorry I can't help since I just use the space I have (I'm one of those door persons) and put pieces next to one another when they don't fit (it would be below one another if it's horizontal). We still get the sense of which things happen at the same time.

Here are a few more ideas:
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Re: The 4 Year Time Line

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Hi Everyone - Thanks for all the helpful hints. Julie, thanks for posting the link to past time line discussions - I read through there and I think I have a better idea of how I want to do the time line. Thanks, also, to those of you who gave me the heads-up that our time line will move to a book form the last year of the cycle. I am feeling a little more prepared now!
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Timeline question (wall, book, pocket chart)

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asheslawson wrote:I'm getting ready to start CTG tomorrow and I have a question. I have a tiny house and the only wall space I really have has my large map from ECC last year - that I still use often. We love it. Just wondering if anybody has used another idea. I've seen pocket charts and books...I have a pocket chart that I could use. It is pretty wide...probably 34" wide and it has 10 rows. It is about 3/4 the length of my front door. We used it for all of my daughter's K words last year she learned but this year as she does 1st I put them in a box. My other idea is to use a 'book of centuries' like I saw described on SCM website. They let you download & print it for free - but essentially - you could customize it to have whatever years you want and make your own I would assume. Any thoughts?
I'm using 34 inch wide pocket chart with 10 rows this time around. works fine in MFW. I'm on row 6 in ex1850 and kept ctg and rtr up. I don't worry about spacing the century markers evenly. I just put the next piece in order.

Then, in year 5 -1850MOD - you get a timeline book. They put the pieces from ctg rtr ex1850 in there, and then you add in the 150 or so pieces from 1850MOD.
I've heard of tri-fold poster to make timeline and then fold it, place behind furniture or under bed after school and pull it out during school.

Long before I started MFW, I used five in a row.. and the timeline idea in there was to make a timeline from sheets of paper taped and folded accordion style. I did that and placed it in the fiar manual.
Then, the first time I did mfw cycle, we did timeline on wall.

I like the pocket chart the most so far. well, except for high school where it's in books, but that's totally different.

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Re: Timeline question (wall, book, pocket chart)

Unread post by asheslawson »

Great thanks...I wouldn't have thought of using it for that myself...don't know why - I'm a bit pea-brained quite often!! I was actually going to pull it down & fold it up but hadn't yet - then when I was searching the forum I saw someone else used a pocket chart for the timeline. Sounds like a great way to keep them visible and in order without covering the wall. And - since I keep a grabby little 16 month old...there should be plenty of time before we get to mid or lower pockets. He was pulling all of my daughters K words out when we had them in - that's why I went ahead and took them down. But it sounds like we will have a two years of timeline before we'll get very far down. Thanks for letting me know that worked!
cbollin wrote:Does your pocket chart have the ability to fold up a little, so the bottom hooks could match the top hooks for a little while? You'd fold it "behind" so that half of the pockets are showing.??
Crystal...It does not have any way to do that...yet...but that is a great idea. I have some sticky back velcro - so it should be fairly simple to make that happen (I love that stuff - picked up box that has a giant roll of cut your own size strips and another box of velcro dots for about a quarter at a yard sale - great purchase that I've made great use of - and I still have plenty). I hadn't thought of doing that myself. That will make it easier to keep toddler fingers from tugging on it & to keep it from looking over-sized since we are just at the beginning of our timeline! Thanks again. It's so good to have a place to run ideas by everyone because I get some great new ideas! :)
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Re: Timeline question (wall, book, pocket chart)

Unread post by mlhom4him »

Granted we are doing 1st grade and the time line is not as involved as in older levels of MFW.....

BUT.... We do not have wall space that is eye level for my girlie. So I made a accordion book made from file folders. I cut them apart on the bottom and then made sure they were all the same height using a scrapbookers' paper cutter. I taped them together using packing tape. I then added a scarlet ribbon that is 1 1/2 inches wide glued with a hot glue gun running down the middle of the book. I taped the ends to the back of the book. I will make one again in the upcoming years.

I purposely picked scarlet for the color so that it would be a visual reminder to my daughter that God promised His son to us way back in the Garden of Eden but also that Jesus was present at creation. He runs all through history.

Hopefully that will help you with another idea. I like this idea because it does not use up any more wall space or back of the door space which is at a premium for me.

Mary Lou
asheslawson wrote:Thanks Mary Lou - that is also a great idea...I am like you and my wall space is minimal. I have a pretty small house so if I get too much on the walls it starts looking so cluttered!
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Unread post by Caryn »

wellsSchoolhouse wrote:Greetings! My family is new to My Father's World and we are starting the program with "Creation to the Greeks." I am a bit confused on exactly how to set up the timeline and was wondering if someone may have shared a picture of their timeline with the group. Sometimes it helps me to "see" things. Thank you for your time!
Hi! I'm in the same boat as you - pictures are my friend! LOL!

What we did was tape a loooong piece of twine to the wall, and then measure it and mark the years at even intervals. They we just stuck the timeline pieces up where they fit. We converted to a book for a while (moved out of our house for 9 months) but it's just not the same visual. We like it up on the wall where you can see from the beginning to now all at once.

I need to take a photo too. You'd think as a photographer I'd already have photos of everything. Well, I might, but finding them might be another story ;) I'll take a pic soon :D
MelissaM wrote:Ooh, I'm glad you posted a timeline question! I've been wondering how I should set ours up when we start CtG next month. I really don't think I have wall space - no long, blank stretches. I've thought about putting it in a book (or putting them in books, as I'll have 2 kids doing it and I know they'll each want one), but I do worry about it not having the same visual impact as on the wall. Not worry, worry, but just wonder about how it'll work.
Melissa, another thing I've seen is an "accordion" style book. Tape pages together and then fold them accordion style. Then you can fold it out when you want to add something or look at it :D
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Re: Timeline

Unread post by cbollin »

I'm a process over product kind of teacher, and don't have to have a blog worthy timeline in my house. I know most of the pictures out there look nice and perfect and make everyone go wow, I want to use that program. That's not what you are about to see in my photo.

This cycle, our timeline is on a wall under the thermostat. The pictures are placed one next to another, without worry about century markers or anything like that. I prefer they see the events in order rather than worry about spacing. The pieces are placed in a 10 pocket storage chart (such as Caron Dellosa product, size is 34 inches wide by 52 inches long. and available teacher supply stores and even Sams Club online seems to carry it) Right now (fall of 2011) we have pieces from CTG, RTR, EX1850. I know next year, in 1850MOD we will use the MFW timeline book included in that program. This is our 2nd time through MFW program, so I know what's coming :) But yes, if needed, I can fold over an edge of the chart and have it fit on a door. I did that while we were moving to this state and not sure where we'd have our school time. So, originally I had this on a door upstairs. Now, it's on main level. So I like how portable this chart is.

The pieces are just behind the plastic pocket cover. Easy to slide around if needed. Yes, we have room to put the "purple" strips for marking things like composers in optional study, as well as the things like Renaissance, and Byzantium empire, etc.

Here's a picture of my middle child has done over the last few years with it. She does it on her own. I hope it helps someone to think of different ways to have a timeline on display in tight spaces. Photo quality is not that great. I had to reduce the size of the picture to fit the file on this forum. And you have to scroll down the picture with the side bars to see more. Sorry that I'm struggling with my photo editor software today. Life goes on.
partial picture of Wall Pocket Chart timeline. reduced in size to fit file size.
partial picture of Wall Pocket Chart timeline. reduced in size to fit file size.
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Re: Timeline

Unread post by momma2boys »

We used to do our timeline on the wall and did not like it so opted for a portable one this year. I love it!! I used a tri-fold - this link http://www.jc-naturals.com/blog/ponderi ... tg-week-2/ shows a picture from when we first started CTG a few weeks ago. Once we're done with school for the day I just fold it up and tuck it behind a bookshelf in our living room. Nice and neat.

I love that there are so many creative ideas for how to do the timeline on this board!
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Timeline for CtG

Unread post by cbollin »

christinemotherofsix wrote:Hi! I will be starting CtG in the late summer but have spent part of today reading through my Teacher's Manual. The timeline seems a bit intimidating to me as I have never done anything like this before. I would love to see a picture of what other people's timeline looks like to get a visual of what I will be making...yet help would be great! Thanks!
Timelines can be as simple as you want or as fancy as you want.

I simply added the next picture when the manual told me to... I didn't deal with proper spacing. for me, it was get the events in order... here are some links to some pics

you can scroll through this one from a mfw staffer
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 130#p65130
she shows options.

My timeline is not as note worthy...nor as easy to fit on screen. you have to use the little scroll bars to see it. but this worked for me from CTG until EX1850.
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 380#p80380
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Re: Timeline for CtG

Unread post by MelissaB »

Hi, Christine,

We just finished CTG. We taped cardstock paper together to make our dd's timeline. It worked great. In case you can learn from my mistake: I kept having to add more cardstock. It felt like we were constantly cutting and taping a new section in to make room for more timeline pieces. Our timeline now stretches, accordian style, across the entire living room floor into our hallway. :)

So - if you choose to go with the cardstock timeline, which works great, you might want to be sure you use enough cardstock from the beginning.

We're ready now for Rome to Reformation pieces. ;)

CTG is a great year. The Celebrating Biblical Feasts holidays were a very rich time for our family.
Enjoy!! :-)
mlangley wrote:Can you guess about how many pages you would need?

Hi! We have a total of 8 pages of cardstock for Creation to Greeks (typical size, 8x11).

We placed 2 blank pages between each "dated" page of cardstock. So.... 2000BC cardstock - blank cardstock - blank cardstock - 1000BC cardstock...

Except :) : We did NOT need any blank pages between Creation - 3000BC - 2000BC. (There are only 5 timeline pieces for the students to color during the period Creation to 3000BC; and only 2 TL pieces between 3000BC to 2000BC.) We started adding blank cardstock between 2000 - 1000BC, which holds 13 TL pieces.

We also had a little extra room for adding information from Streams of Civ and Ancient World that we thought was interesting.
mlangley wrote:Thank you! That is wonderful to know ahead of time!
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Re: Timeline for CtG

Unread post by christinemotherofsix »

Thank you everyone for the replies and ideas. I greatly appreciate them!!
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CTG timeline in a book format?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

varner wrote:I'm considering different ways to start our timeline for Creation to Greeks and was wondering why MFW doesn't offer their "Creation to Modern Times Timeline Book" until 1850 to Modern Times? Could we use this for our CtG timeline and throughout the rest of the years of the cycle? We will probably need to build our timeline in a book format since our wall space is so limited. Thank you for your suggestions!
You could get the 1850MOD timeline book, but you'd be pasting your timeline pieces on top of the pre-printed ones. At least the last time I looked at them, they had the earlier years preprinted into the 1850MOD book. You could call and find out for sure. I don't see anything technically wrong with pasting them over the printed ones, but just so you know.

The reason there is a book in 1850MOD is that MFW uses the SOTW timeline pieces for that year and there are TONS.

I think the reason there is a wall timeline in the earlier years is that is more understandable to younger kids -- seeing the whole of history laid out in one row, in a simple way, rather than pages and pages in a book.

Others have come up with creative ways to work around small spaces:
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