Boards - Current discussion for highschool?

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Julie - Staff
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Boards - Current discussion for highschool?

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Myot wrote:Is there a "current discussion' board for highschool? I am new to MFW and am trying to orient my way aroud the boards. I see questions on on the Main Board, but not specifically for Highschool levels. I have found the archive highschool level, but nothing in current discussion.

Thank you for any replies. :)
Hello and welcome to the MFW boards.

The Main Board is the place to go for all current discussions. Some recent threads on high school issues from that board:

high school

AHL (high school year 1)

There has been discussion about having a separate board, but so many MFW families are teaching a variety of ages that so far, it has just made sense to have one family board.

Hope that helps you get used to the MFW boards,
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Re: Current discussion for highschool?

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I understand now. Thank you. I should clarify on my original post that I saw highschool level questions on the General Question board, but was wondering if I was missing a separate board. You have answered that for me. Thank you!

What I was seeing for the younger curriculums is called "Ideas", but I didn't see one for Highschool level....?
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Re: Boards - Current discussion for highschool?

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It's been several years now and there still isn't a current discussion board for high school? Why is this? Clearly one is wanted by families homeschooling high schoolers using MFW curriculum.
Christy - Staff
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Re: Boards - Current discussion for highschool?

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If you have high school questions or thoughts, we would love to hear them. Please share them with all of us on the Main Board. You will benefit from the experience of moms who might not otherwise have an opportunity to share their thoughts if this was posted on separate boards.

Our Message Board is set up different than many other boards. For all levels, current discussions are posted on our "Main Board."
We've found that this gives questions greater exposure than a specific age-level (or high school) board. Everyone sees the posts, and we benefit from their experience.

For example:
A mom with an 8th grader (and a recent high school grad) isn't likely to visit a high school board, but may share some great advice if the question is posted on the Main Board.
And moms who have only younger children may glean wisdom for the future by reading posts about high school.

About our ideas boards: You may noticed we have boards for each level K-8, but these are boards for listing ideas rather than discussion boards for conversation. They are collections of ideas, week-by-week, for our curriculum. Before high school, MFW curriculum is parent-taught and parent-led. We've created idea boards for each of these programs because moms were sharing many ideas. We provided a structure (ideas are listed by weeks) so that ideas could be organized and easy to find. High school is such a different time (students are much more responsible with parent guidance) that weekly idea boards aren't as likely to be helpful or contributed to.

We'll post something on the Main Board on Monday to get the conversation started; we look forward to hearing from you and other high school moms.

Christy Callahan - MFW Customer Service Team Lead
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