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Re: Anyone else started mfw 1st 2nd Edition yet?

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I did! DS is on week 9. We love the new layout! Much better than the past edition we had. Its so much easier to do.
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Getting ready to order 1st!

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kewkew34 wrote:I am so excited, we just got our tax refund back and I get to order our 1st grade curriculum. Just wanting to make sure I am ordering correctly, so I was hoping for a little guidance.

I have two children who will be using 1st. We are finishing up K next month and I want to go straight into 1st as they are both beyond ready for it, I believe. Tabitha just turned 7 and is reading at a 2nd grade level and is already doing some 1st grade math. Amelia is 5 1/2 and is doing really well with her reading, she has already been starting to read the 1st grade Abeka books that I have. She has had no trouble with CVC words and is now working on words with long vowels.

Would you recommend the package?
And I would be needing to buy two of the Student Materials and the Big Book of Math, correct?
I didn't buy the package but this is why...I already own Drawing with Children. I also have older children that will be using CtG and I am going to order a set of marker cards for my 1st grader.

I *would* have bought the package had I not already had most of the items that we wanted. I only needed to purchase one of the books to get the pieces I wanted. I ordered Honey for a Child's Heart as an add on. I like the packages and have gotten them in the other purchases I have made. So, I guess it depends on your child's interest and what you already have on hand.

Yes, I think you need 2 sets of Student materials and the Big Book of Math. I am pretty sure you cannot make copies of the student sheets (copyright) and I wouldn't want the hassle of copying the math book personally (not sure about copyright with this one). Plus, my kids like to have their own workbooks :-)
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Re: Getting ready to order 1st!

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I would recommend the package. Drawing With Children is an incredible book. Both my 6yo and 4yo (at the time) went through that book and we really enjoyed it! The unifix cubes are so great to have for the math activities if you don't already own some of these. Peter and the Wolf,'s all so good. And yes, like Lori said, get 2 of the student sheets and CBOM. CBOM is also an amazing resource. We are still using it some this year with my 2nd grader for enrichment. Have a blast!

I've found that the package prices are so good that it's often best to go that route even if you own several of the books/elements already. You could have double resources or sell your duplicates! :)
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Re: Getting ready to order 1st!

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I wholeheartedly agree with Kelly that the package is worth it. She is correct that the package pricing is really really great. Even if you don't use all of it, I think you still come out ahead.
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1st Grade Bible Notebook

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ruthamelia wrote: Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:13 pm Is the first grade Bible notebook just bound empty pages? Or is there some kind of content or organization built in? Thanks!
Reply from Julie - Staff » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:45 pm
I would describe the Bible Notebook as...

1. Spiral bound
2. Hard back, for a stable writing surface
3. Bible Notebook cover
4. Drawing-quality paper
5. 1st grade size lines for writing Bible summaries
6. The first pages have just one line for writing, and gradually there are more lines as the child goes through the year

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