Nature Walks in ECC are all around us! Ideas

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Nature Walks in ECC are all around us! Ideas

Unread post by momof3nKS » Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:28 am

I thought I'd post about my successes with Nature Walks which are "scheduled" in ECC.

Our first nature walk was when it was 106 degrees (115 heat index) outside. The thought of going outside was just not my cup of tea. In the middle of school, dd asks to take a break. She looks out our sliding glass window because she saw a spider web w/the spider in it. She saw a bug fly into it, the spider pounce on it, silk the bug all up, and haul it away. How's that for nature?! That was an answer to prayer, and I got to stay in the nice cool air conditioned house. :o)

Another time, I was out trying to plant some new bushes before the rain came in. While out there, kids were "helping." DD came across 2 baby rabbits near to where we were working. So she went and got a piece of paper and drew the two baby bunnies.

While cleaning out our blow up pool, we came across an already cracked open bird's egg. DD took it inside and looked at the bird book from Adventures, narrowed down which one it was by picture, and further narrowed it down after reading about each one. She had fun with that one.

One day we went to our local arboretum. We were there for about 2-3 hours and had a picnic lunch. We walked some trails, listened to the birds, looked at flowers, sculptures, etc..etc..etc.. We had a nice time. Later, I talked to 2 different families, one went a couple days before us the other a couple days after. Both mentioned how terrible the mosquitos were--there were no mosquitos that I was aware of--at least no bites on us.

I am continually amazed how things just land in our lap, and I feel very fortunate for the way God looks out for us.

Just thought I'd share. Thanks for reading.
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Nature Walks

Unread post by Eve » Wed Sep 20, 2006 9:11 am

Hi Cathy,
I agree! I love nature walks, and I am astounded at the things the Lord just puts right in our paths for learning. Isn't his Creation wonderful? I have enjoyed the nature walks so much that I have started a nature journal of my own.

We had one experience early this month in which we were studying mushrooms with my first grader. That couple of weeks before, it had rained and rained and rained in our community so there were mushrooms popping up all over the place...not just little ones, but HUGE ones! We ended up finding about a dozen different kinds of mushrooms in our park. We were thrilled!

My 9 yo dd finds things all the time, now. Just the other day we found several wooley bear caterpillars that we put in our butterfly pavillion and plan to raise them. I hear they are easy to raise over the winter. We've already noticed a younger, smaller caterpillar change from yellow to a bright orange!

While at grandparents, they found a bunch of monarch caterpillars, monarch butterflies and tussock moth caterpillars! Now their grandmother is all excited as she watches them change from each stage into butterfly, and she is doing her own nature journaling by photographing all sorts of different butterflies she finds in her yard. It is so catching!
Thanks for sharing Cathy. Isn't God just wonderful?!

PS. Oh, and I have to mention that our nature "walks" are not all necessarily true "walks" either. :-)
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nature walks

Unread post by Margaret Schrock » Wed Sep 20, 2006 1:03 pm

Listening to you all makes me feel better. We haven't done nature walks according to the manual, but we live on a farm where the children are constantly outside. They love to bring all kinds of creepy crawlies in to show me. They help garden and harvest food. This summer they found a scissortailed flycatcher's nest and we had so much fun watching the progress from eggs to flying away! Now we have the nest saved for later in the year when we study birds in Adventures. So they are getting into nature study! Thanks for bringing up the subject!
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Unread post by Tina » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:55 pm

I have also struggled with getting out on a weekly basis for a "nature walk" however, my yard is big enough that my dc see "nature" every day (although we could be better at keeping the journals!)

Last night we were driving home and it was late, 8 pm. It was raining lightly and we could see all kinds of frogs in the road! Many squished, many still hopping around. So, I and the two older dc 10 and 8 got out of the van and started to catch the frogs. We also found a bunch of earth worms and two salamanders! What a great "nature" experience---at 8 pm after a light rain and warm evening! Love these kinds of sharing times!
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