Bible Notebook - Any creative ideas??

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Bible Notebook - Any creative ideas??

Unread post by Charlotte »


I found some really great ideas for the 1st grade bible notebook posted by Dawn in the "MFW 1st- Share your Experiences" section. [ ]

I was just wondering if anyone else has any creative ideas for the bible notebook that they could share.

I really appreciate how informed and helpful you MFW ladies are. You all are definitely a blessing to me and I know to many others!

Thanks, Charlotte

[More ideas compiled here: ]
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Unread post by mom2boys »

Hi! Not really an idea - more of a cute story. My 7yo son was illustrating the Tower of Babel story. He drew a tower and lots of stick figures around the tower with speech bubbles one said "Ohio" the rest had "?". He was combining what he was learning about Japan with his older brother in ECC with his Bible Notebook. Ohio means good morning in Japanese. So his drawings are not polished but he is certainly demonstrating understanding and I think that is the whole point.

I look forward to using some of the ideas others have posted. He did like using stickers for his Noah's Ark animals instead of having to draw them. So it will be nice to have some creative ideas when he feels like doing something different.

~from another Charlotte
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Unread post by Tina »

some ideas might include (sorry if these are duplicates)

--using foil for King Nebuchadnezzar's image/statue
--stickers of animals, people, etc.
--My dd used a picture of my ds (when he was a baby sitting in a laundry basket) as her "moses" picture
--construction paper cut into shapes, etc. for different things
--cut outs from different magazines
--stencils of animals, angels, people, etc
--we used little pieces of paper from the three whole puncher (you know, the little white circles) for manna and quail.

One thing that we very much enjoyed after both children went thru MFW 1st grade (they are two years apart) was to look back and see what both of them did. That was fun. Some pictures were so similar, yet others were so different. This is a great keepsake! Thanks for posting.
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Hands-on and Bible notebook for MFW1

Unread post by JoyfulDancer »

Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 11:27 am

I've come up with some ideas that solve two problems for us at once for the last 1/3 of MFW1. My dd has been getting quick and sloppy with her Bible Notebook pictures, and we have been wishing for more hands-on activities. I was thinking of ways to liven up Notebook time, and my dd said she wanted to do a puppet show. So I suggested she do the puppet show about her Bible story. I will take pictures with our digital camera and print them out on cardstock. She will then cut them out and paste them into her notebook. We can do this for anything we want to do hands-on with the Bible lesson. If she makes clay figures for the story, I will take pictures of those, and they will go into the notebook. I also liked someone's idea of paints, stickers, collages. These will make the notebook time more fun and interesting and fulfill her desire for hands-on projects. We are both excited about this idea.

I have another idea: Now that we have finished learning all the books of the Bible we are starting to make a Books of the Bible Lapbook. I expect this to take the rest of the year, a little at a time. I got the directions from Tobin's Lab, and will simplify for 1st grade level. We are already started on the Genesis booklet.

Well, I just wanted to share some of our new ideas. I hope this helps someone enjoy this great curriculum even more.

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Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:02 am

Since we're happily in the 21st century now, we can take advantage of that. Perhaps you can print pictures from the internet or use your copier (if you have one) to copy a neat picture and do some cutting and pasting.

I can even imagine your ds dressed up as King David (or Peter or Adam or ...) and you take a picture with the digital camera and print that picture out and put that in the notebook.

And, one thing my kids think is simply neat is to "copy" something sort of 3D. Yesterday it was a hair comb I think... So, if he makes a collage out of noodles, beans, ribbons, etc, he can make a flat (2D) color copy of it and put that in the notebook. Maybe he'd like to use the computer or scanner to make pictures one way or another...
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Unread post by DS4home »

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:17 pm

I had ds who didn't really get into drawing much either, but he did enjoy using stickers! So we made sicker scenes, and sometimes we did some paper piecing type of scenes. I kept it pretty simple because he wasn't one to sit there forever working on a detailed picture.

Like for Jericho - I just cut several one inch (or so) squares. He glued about 5 in a stack on one side of the page and glued the others scattered across the rest of the page to look like they fell down.

Maybe ask him to just put one thing on the page to represent the story instead of recreating everything in his mind? Maybe this will give you some other ideas to work on for a change of pace!

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Unread post by lisa062797 »

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 8:33 pm

I also purchased sheets of craft can also get peel-and-stick foam pre-cut foam shapes. Or, check out the scrapbooking section of a craft store...there can be many fun things for the finding that can work for the bible notebook.
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Unread post by sarajoy »

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:48 pm

My dd actually likes to draw but sometimes gets off course in her drawings of the story. Abraham and Sarah has a swimming pool next to their tent and everyone was sitting on the roof.

We found these great animal stickers and used them for Noah's ark. She drew the outline of a boat and added as many animal stickers as the page would hold.

We've used glitter glue and glued down tissue paper.

The page she did most recently was the crossing of the Red Sea. She made a mistake at the very beginning and drew a line straight across the page for the sea instead of a path through it. So she drew a stick figure of pharaoh in the sea and then used our stickers of sea animals and had them all attacking him.

My suggestion is to relax on the drawing aspect and provide lots of cut-paste, stickers, construction paper, magazines and the like. The kiddos are so imaginative they'll take they stories in directions you never thought of...and I guess that's one of the main points of the exercise, to imagine and think on the Bible story.

Blessings and Joy,
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Unread post by Ariasarias »

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 11:22 am

Just to let you know that stick figures are okay for 1st. We did do the drawing lessons and they helped my children immensely, but sometimes my dd just settled for stick figures in her notebook ;) and other times she did try harder to draw more realistically :).
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Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 11:40 am

I agree that the DWC lessons really helped my dd be ready for the notebook, but she still does some silly stuff, too.

That's one of the things that make it special.
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coloring pages for 1st grade notebook!

Unread post by homemommy83 »

I just thought I would share what I do with my little ones. I have 2 little boys doing first together, one is mine and one my friends little boy. My friends little boy loves to draw, but my little boy does not, so I decided to print off pages for my son to color from calvary chapel. I let him color, cut, and paste them into his notebook, and now he loves doing his notebook! He is only 5 so the drawing was a bit much for him, but the rest of the program is a perfect fit so far! Hope this helps someone.
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MFW 1st DS is not interested in Bible Notebook

Unread post by Wendy B. »

momofsix wrote:MFW 1st DS is not interested in Bible Notebook and hates writing out the proverbs.
* And I am not a very creative mother*
Any ideas for the Bible notebook???
I copied the picture from the bible story reader and let my ds paste it in his notebook.
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My first grader has decided she hates to write

Unread post by Julie in MN »

2amazngkidsmom wrote:My first grader has gone all year writing in her Bible Notebook with few complaints. She doesn't like to come up with the narration of more than one sentence most of the time on her own. If I ask her questions she can answer them but detailed narration is becoming a struggle. What is a good way to continue on through the rest of year? Maybe she just needs a break?
Some of the families around here make it fun with things like a narration cube: ... 113#p47057
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Re: My first grader has decided she hates to write

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Maybe just have her read fun readers from the library for a week or two. Don't have her narrate or anything. Maybe play some phonics/reading games (phonics bingo, etc.).

Then, back to the Bible reader and narrating it.

I have my kids do a narration that I don't write down, then we do double dictation. My kids tell me what they want to write, I write it neatly on "school" paper (you know, paper with the lines and dashes), and then they copy it. (We've had too many spelling issues to let my kids make up spellings...) If they start going on and on, I might say, "Can we shorten that to..." and I make a recommendation to condense it down.

Oh, and it's totally okay to "prompt" her. "So, Jesus finished preaching. Did he go for a swim next ?" Then the child says, "Noooo, mom! (exasperation) Then he told them to put their nets out in the deep water. And they catched [sic] too many fish for their nets." (That's kind of how it went today with one of my boys.)

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Re: My first grader has decided she hates to write

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

I wish I could offer you advice, but instead all I have are (((hugs))). We went through the same thing last year.

But I hope I can encourage you by telling you that the notebook pages this year in Adventures haven't brought about any complaints at all. Now that I think of it, they're only about once a week in Adventures. Maybe you could have your dd scale back to one notebook page each week??? Just a thought!
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Re: My first grader has decided she hates to write

Unread post by 2amazngkidsmom »

Thanks for the encouragment, advice and hugs! I will try again tomorrow!
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stickers for MFW1

Unread post by dhudson »

fdjoyce wrote:As I was reading through the MFW1 Archives I saw suggestions on letting kids use stickers in their Bible notebooks. I think my son would love this; what kind of stickers did any of you use or would you suggest?
I just bought lots of different stickers from Hobby Lobby or Micheals. I waited until they went on sale and bought a ton. We have a sticker box that still gets used today. Buy a variety, you never know what will inspire your child.
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Re: stickers for MFW1

Unread post by cbollin »

something we did... a very inexpensive Bible story coloring book. We'd color something and then cut and paste it to the note book page. She wasn't ready to draw her own picture.

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Re: stickers for MFW1

Unread post by DS4home »

Here is a small list of some of the stickers we used more than once.

stars - creation page, Jacob's ladder dream, Jesus birth,...
lots of fish - Noah's ark, parting of Red Sea,...
animals (especially sheep) - Noah's ark, plagues,...
different people figures, angels

We also used stencils on a few pages. DD liked that better than trying to free-hand draw.

Some ideas to get you started,

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Unread post by kanderson »

We did 1st grade last year. I just made a little notebook for myself and did my own drawing while my ds was doing his. He came up with the caption and I wrote it on mine as well. In the beginning he copied the words off of my paper but, towards the end he was able to spell most words by himself without looking at mine. HTH :)

P.S - I think I may have some pics of the notebook pages on my blog
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Unread post by cbollin »

in the first few sessions, you just write the title and draw picture.

You can trace the picture from the Bible reader.
Or if they've been through Drawing with Children, you can remind them to look for lines, curves, etc.

I'd use the picture in the Bible reader
or if you have old coloring books you can cut and paste

you can use stickers.

For what to write, it doesn't have to be complicated. He can say it out loud, you write down a sentence. let him copy.

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Unread post by Julie in MN »

There are more threads in the 1st grade archives, including this one:

I'm all for helping little ones see that there is more than one way to create something.
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Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Remember this will be a process especially the composition of sentences. Not knowing what day you are on makes it a little harder to know where you are in that process. In the beginning as Crystal mentioned the student is simply copying the title of the days Bible story. Then on day 76 it will explain about modeling for them how to write a simple sentence (the T.M. will have examples) for your son. It will progress from here until you are helping them to write their own sentence.

The drawing part can be very simple as mentioned buy the others. You can draw, trace, use stickers or even use stick men. It does not have to be elaborate. As Julie mentioned if you have used Drawing with Children this is a good time to use the pictures in the Bible Reader to copy what you see, even if it is just one part of the picture.



Unread post by cbollin »

just tagging onto Lucy's answer..... if it is the summary of information that's the modeling issue...

*look at day 76 in "reading"notes for specifics.

then, in my experience with my children, as you get further on in the program and need helps, you can model from basic WH questions:
Who is this story about?
What did he/she do?
Where did it happen?
Then, after your child answers out loud those kinds of WH question (who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how), you can put the information into a sentence or two so the child learns how to take thoughts and phrases and put them in a complete sentence. Who did what. :)
Eventually, over time, the process gets there. Don't feel like it has to be mastered by end of first grade.

Another thing I had to do to help my children (who were in speech therapy due to various special concerns) was to encourage the girls to look back in the text to answer the WH questions. If needed, I let them copy a key sentence from the text for their summary.

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Using Markers in 1st Bible Notebook

Unread post by asheslawson »

Smoakhouse wrote:I was wondering if anyone had used markers in the Bible Notebook and if they had any problems with them bleeding through the pages?

With Drawing With Children suggesting the use of markers, I'm guessing that would carry over to the bible notebook, but I didn't want to ruin my son's notebook with the bleeding. I don't really like markers for this reason. If that was going to be a problem, then I thought I would just use colored pencils for the drawing lessons as well.

Any thoughts?
I had my dd use crayons or colored pencils for the bible notebook most of the time. However - if she wanted to use markers, I just opened that page by itself, and fold all other pages around the spirals away from it so it would not bleed through onto the other pages. I also had her use crayons or pencils when coloring her bible reader. We only used markers for some of the DWC lessons, sometimes I preferred pencil, crayons, or colored pencils. I kept an art notebook (used a sketchbook) that had nice thick paper that did not bleed through easily. If we did do something messy, we just did it on separate paper and pasted it into her sketchbook.
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