Compare CTG to other ancient history programs?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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Compare CTG to other ancient history programs?

Unread post by LSH in MS »

MammaBear wrote:Looking ahead can you tell me what MFW CTG will offer me that I can't get from another ancient history program and an Apologia Elementary science book? What does CTG have that makes it different? I guess I am really just seeking to use my husband's hard earned money as wisely as I can. I have 4 children who will be 5 (doing K) 7,9,and 11. Thanks.
We loved CTG. I can't compare as I haven't done another ancient history program, but I loved how they integrated the Bible with other civilizations. We enjoyed celebrating the OT feasts and CTG had it planned in such a way that you could actually get it done.

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Unread post by mamaofredheads »

We are finishing week 23 of CTG & LOVE it!!!! We have done MFWK, 1st, & ECC also. It just keeps getting better every year! :) I've already ordered RTR & have spent quite a bit of time with the TM. It is going to be awesome too. Can't wait to finish & head on to next year. (This is our 10th year to hs, so I've used a lot of other things too.) For our family, MFW has been the best thing we've used.

I don't know what your concerns are, but perhaps if you could post specific things you're unsure of, some of us can address them.


Unread post by cbollin »

Not sure --- does it have all the planning for the day to day teaching? Does it include notebooking pages and timelines?

About the pricing of MFW... here are some things for you and your husband to consider for your planning.

* MFW is more than just history, it is a complete curriculum. It includes Bible study, science, history, art history, classical music, reading time. It even has a grid to help you remember to get done with language arts and math. You will not have to piece together a bunch of unrelated materials. And the planning is done for you.

*Remember that if you purchased teacher's manuals in any other program for history, science, art, music, Bible, and a large part of Language Arts, you would be spending more! If you add in notebooking pages & timeline pieces, that would be another expense! The real treasure in MFW's manual is that it has all been pared down to just one manual.

Some people like to piece together things and hope to get it all done. I'm not that good of a teacher to do that, so I like the price of MFW --- b/c I get it done. The big cost of the program is the teacher's manual. that's about $3 per week to help me get it done. You are currently using MFW so you are familiar with the planning.

Pray about it. Maybe the other question you and your dh can think about is this: what are you giving up if you don't use MFW's CTG.

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Unread post by MJ in IL »

In my mind, the cost difference is a "history & possibly Bible reading" versus "an entire curriculum plan."

For example, we recently finished the period of the judges. In studying Samson, another program may have a reading on Samson and activites. In CtG, we had 3 days of reading from the Bible and commentary from Victor Journey Through the Bible. <I really like the fact we are reading from the Bible and not just about the Bible> There are also scheduled for that week: Bible memory, EFTRU root and activites, history reading (timeline figure and notebook assignments,) art/music, science and read aloud. MFW also includes spaces in the schedule for math and LA, but those choice are available separately. Someone else also mentioned the teaching regarding the feasts in CtG.

For me, the scheduling of the art and music is huge! I never was as successful in teaching those as subjects as I have been with MFW. We all enjoy these resources...I even had some of them, but hadn't found time to use them.

I like additional readings and sometimes add them. My children enjoy them also. However, I don't think that can be compared to the complete picture that CtG gives. My children (8,10,13-in 5 days!) are really enjoying CtG. I love the integrated history and Bible. The activities give more in-depth meaning to what is studied, but are not complicated.

I would spend some time looking at samples and praying about what it is that you are looking for in the curriculum. Lots of curriculums are good, but not really comparable as complete curriculi(ums??.)

Let me know if you have other questions...Although you can probably tell I am a bit biased towards MFW! I guess the way Marie has scheduled everything out works for us! I have never been able to stick with a program as fully as I do with MFW. (Commerical fades...)
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Unread post by MJP »

I have to agree with the previous poster:
MJ in IL wrote: I guess the way Marie has scheduled everything out works for us! I have never been able to stick with a program as fully as I do with MFW. (Commerical fades...)
I have other ancient history programs, but I have never used them. They look nice, but I completed MFW K, CtoG and will finish MFW 1st and RtoR this year. MFW makes home schooling easier.
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Unread post by Lucy »

One of the differences I see from your description is that CTG adds in the biblical feasts of the old testament to be done with your family as you go through the year.

I found it to be a very through program connecting much of what I had learned in Sunday School with the rest of the history that is going on at the same time. I think MFW is very strong in the Biblical foundation and in this year the Bible is used as one of the main spines. We use it to feed us spiritually as well as see the history of the time.

I also like MFW because it balances the other subjects well in the program. I like that the other subjects are all tied together into the time we are studying.

Hope this helps as you are looking and praying for next year.
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Unread post by DS4home »

We are in CTG this year and I bought extras just because I couldn't resist.LOL! I have used another history book several times throughout the year. But let me explain how.

There is a one to one and a half page summary of people and events in chronological order. So one day you read a summary of King Saul, the next day is a page on David, the next day is a page on Solomon, then you have a page on the Phoenicians...

MFW has us reading through the Old Test. , getting the whole story, straight from the Bible.

So the way I use the other history book is more like a review. After spending a week reading about David, using the MFW schedule, I will read the summary on Friday.

I have found that many of the activities are very similar to what MFW is doing already. They both use notebooking to record what you are learning.

Laying them both side by side, there really is no comparison. One is just a history book, MFW is a whole curriculum.

Hope this helps you to see it a little better :)

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Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by my3boys »

tawbur wrote:Anyone use Mystery of History with MFW, like as a supporting read-aloud? I know MFW doesn't incorporate it into their plans, but since it flows chronologically and comes from a Christian perspective, it sounds like it'd go together well with MFW. I know MFW uses the Bible for its Biblical history spine and other sources for secular history spine, but MOH seems like it'd really tie everything nicely together from a Christian perspective. I'm just thinking that it might be nice to read through, like a Christain narrative or commentary, while we use the Bible for the factual biblical support and use the other for the factual secular support. Just wondering what others think of this idea?
We're actually planning on using ECC this year, and thought we could read MOH vol I "on the side" while we do ECC, to get a little bit of history along the way.
Thanks ahead of time for all comments!
We did CtG this year. I already owned a copy of MOH1 and was planning on incorporating it. We never did use it though because everything that is in it is already in the MFW lessons - it would be overkill to do it all twice.
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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Hi Teresa,
MOH would "line up" with the history years from CTG through 1850MOD (I think, if MOH is finished that far). I personally don't do history during ECC, because I think my son needs one year to just "love" the world and not criticize it :~

During our study of history, I did have MOH in book basket one year (CTG?). My particular ds didn't get into it. He felt we'd read "enough history" and as for the Bible stories, he didn't like me reading someone's summary since we were reading the "real thing" in our Bible. I also found it time-consuming to try to figure out where to plug the extra stories in. Everyone "organizes" history in some fashion, because people & events overlap and continue over many years. So the MOH order doesn't exactly match the MFW order etc. So if you're up for a little extra work, I have heard of folks who have combined them. Maybe some will chime in.

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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by tawbur »

Well, thanks for the replies. I appreciate your opinions. I certainly don't want to duplicate any reading materials.
I do notice though that MFW uses Story of the World after CtoG and thereafter, even the SOW Activity book in year 5. I do like the Activity books, btw, and have thought of buying them just for the wonderful ideas of activities relating to different historical topics. MOH is lacking in activity suggestions, imo, but I prefer Linda Hobar's bias over Susan Buaer's. I don't have all the SOW volumes, but I do have vol I, and as factual as it may try to be, it is not without Bauer's personal bias in places. I also have Hillyer's A Child's History of the World and think maybe it'd be a good choice for a "history on the side read-aloud" while doing ECC? Any opinions?

But back to MFW and SOW, I understand that MOH wasn't ready when MFW was, so SOW was chosen. But I'm wondering, what if MOH was ready back at the time, do you think MFW would have chosen MOH over SOW? Why or why not? Just curious.

Also, since MOH is ready now, and is chronological, could it be used with MFW in the latter years instead of SOW, with some tweaking of the scheduled page numbers? The SOW Activity books could be used with any history book anyway, if you want extra activities.

Other than the fact that SOW was finished first, is there another reason MFW might still prefer it over MOH, if they were able to make a choice today? Does it have more or less of a variety of history stories than MOH? Is it in more in sync with MFW's chronology than MOH? Is it because SOW might try to be more neutral with less of a Christian bias, so it appears more factual? Just trying to understand the benefits of SOW, from a MFW-perspective.

Thanks again!
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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I've never talked with MFW folks about this, but my OWN opinions would be:

1. MOH is actually still not finished through modern history, as far as I can tell. (If you waited to start MOH until after the Bible as spine was finished in MFW, then I think you would only be able to use MOH for one semester.)

2. MOH includes "retellings" of the Bible, and MFW uses the Bible. This is huge for my family.

3. MOH includes a lot of embedded paperwork, and it might be harder to just use MOH as a history "story." (Also, most of the MOH "activities" are paper activities, and my ds definitely preferred the more hands-on activities with MFW.)

4. MFW includes some really good Christian materials to cover the Christian part of history, such as Trial and Triumph, In God We Trust, and Voice of the Martyrs materials for learning about the development of Islam. The comparison between MOH and these books might be more closely matched than comparing MOH and SOTW.

5. MFW uses multiple resources, rather than just one text, which I consider an important method for teaching my children.

6. MOH is more expensive than SOTW books.

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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by my3boys »

I'm guessing MOH is not used by MFW because it is not finished yet (and was hardly started when MFW made the curriculum). I'm glad for it though because the 'christian view' can be quite wide and using a more general resource allows christian parents to teach what they believe.

I recently read an article on the WTM site that Susan Wise Bauer wrote not very long ago, called 'A Neutral Education' or something like that - you could go there and do a search. She talks in there about her christian beliefs and why her books are like they are. She is an Othodox Christian. I'm not sure what you meant by her 'bias', but that article might make you feel better about using her materials.
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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by mommyintraining »

If you just want to use it for some history interwoven with ECC, and it not take up too much time, the CDs could be an option. I recently purchased the volume 1 CDs from Rainbow Resource for a great price! MOH 1 was just revised, so they were getting rid of the old CDs that match up with the 1st edition of MOH. I was going to use MOH for our history, but since we may now be doing ECC, I may just have it for extra listening on the side without all of the activities, map work, etc.


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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by cbollin »

tawbur wrote:Other than the fact that SOW was finished first, is there another reason MFW might still prefer it over MOH, if they were able to make a choice today?
that's an interesting question that I've never asked to MFW either.

just restating what was said already.
MOH is not finished yet.
So, maybe we need to restate it like this.
Some day, MOH will be finished, would MFW radically change the history programs when that is done even though MOH wasn't an option were MFW was written and the full part is not an option now?

hmmm.. probably not and I think Alison (my3boys) is on to the reason (neutral so parents can add in what they believe)
and lots of reasons that Julie mentioned.

I'm not sure if you have read about why does MFW use SOTW vols 2, 3 and 4, but not volume 1. Here's a link on that with Marie Hazell's answers
tawbur wrote:We're actually planning on using ECC this year, and thought we could read MOH vol I "on the side" while we do ECC, to get a little bit of history along the way.
In ECC, you'll get some geographical based history of people and places. So, the history is blended into the geography. There are on the side and main dish readings with history in there. Lots of this is done with biographies of people who lived or did missions in the area you are studying. You can historical fiction approach with some of the reading. While reading and praying from Window on the World, you get some history about those people and places. You get some history of each country.

If you want to use MOH as a book basket on the side reading, would it make a bit more sense to wait until CTG/RTR when you are doing chronological history?

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Re: Using MOH with MFW?

Unread post by tawbur »

Yeah, all that everyone has said makes sense. I'm thinking that MOH would be better by itself rather than alongside MFW, or atleast better later with CtoG and beyond. But then, I'm beginning to see why SOTW, being more nuetral, would be a good choice for the reasons stated. I guess I'm just intrigued by how Linda Hobar explains the "mystery" of history throughout the various non-Biblical historical events she includes in her books.

I'd love to know what the Hazels think about...

Unread post by cbollin »

Winni wrote:The Mystery of History vs. Story of The World. I hear so many good things about MOH...
I don't know what the Hazells think. Maybe they have a pre written answer to that common question?

I have some things to yak about while waiting for my coffee to brew...

*SOTW was finished when MFW was writing the programs. MOH - well.. uh... it keeps on going and waiting... she'll finish it. just no date in sight. So, I'm glad MFW didn't start with Linda's materials because they would have had to switch eventually.

maybe the question is.... once moh is finally finished, would there be any reason to use it over SOTW? probably not. that would be a huge shifting around of time frames etc....

here is one pre written answer in general about the books used in MFW ... 384#p56384
don't know how that applies to sotw vs. moh, but... had to link to something. LOL

and as long as I link.. the other common question that comes up is "why not vol. 1 of SOTW"
Marie answered that in 2004 and 2005.

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Re: I'd love to know what the Hazels think about...

Unread post by Julie in MN »

gratitude wrote:MFW of course wouldn't use MOH Volume 1, for the same reason they don't use SOTW Volume 1; they use the Bible instead for that time period.

I would be curious to know though if they have ever read MOH Volume 2 & 3 (which were not written at the time they put their curriculum together), and what they thought of it in comparison to SOTW Volume 2 & 3. They would have a background going into the readings that I think their opinion on a comparison of the two books would be helpful for this common question.

I would love to know what they think.
MOH vol. 2 & 3 both would replace SOTW 2, so the only year that MFW could use MOH would be RTR.

And I wrote up my own speculations on the topic back in this thread:

- Two-plus $50 books to replace one $17 book
- Two-plus 700 page books to replace one 400-some page book
- Retellings of the Bible rather than the real Bible (*)
- Lots of pages of assignments & paperwork to weed through in order to get to the "story" part of those books
- Would have to switch to a different resource the next year, since MOH has not finished the last year
- MFW already includes Christian history (Trial and Triumph, In God We Trust, and Voice of the Martyrs materials for learning about the development of Islam, etc)

Those still make sense to me. The one that's most important at our house is that MFW uses the Bible for the Bible, and SOTW for the rest, while MOH uses MOH for the Bible and the rest.

And I think Crystal's point on time frames is one I would add to my own list of speculations: Assuming MFW would stick to it's *wonderful* way of spending separate years on OT and NT, then that means that
- CTG would include 2/3 of one volume of MOH (or skip it entirely, since the Bible is the spine in CTG),
- about 2 and 1/3 volumes of MOH for RTR (!)
- and no volumes of MOH yet for EX1850 or 1850MOD

Just my *own* thoughts here, but Crystal did link some good "official" answers, too.
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Re: I'd love to know what the Hazels think about...

Unread post by gratitude »

Thank you Julie. You mention some points here that I would not have thought of having used neither SOTW or MOH.

I did not realize that other sources in RTR cover Christian History.

I do not know enough about either book, SOTW or MOH, to comment on them. I do hear though the 'positive comments' about MOH that prompted this thread. Has MFW ever posted an official answer on why they don't use MOH; since it is commonly asked? If they have not made an official answer, it is perfectly reasonable since they do not use MOH and may not have ever read it! Obviously though some of us are curious, since I too have heard so many good things about MOH.

Perhaps one of us should start another thread sometime and ask all of the MFW users what they liked about SOTW so much.... I would be curious about that aspect too.

Off to enjoy our day with ADV...
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Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Stephc wrote:I know this forum is hosted by MFW and don't want to be disrespectful whatsoever.

But I DO need to know: did you find CTG boring? Dry? Dull? I have read some reviews on other boards that said they did, but that was not the majority. I am just trying to get some feedback so I can compare families that may have found that to be the case and families that really enjoyed it.

Ancient history is AWESOME to my oldest DD and me. She is SO excited for AHL. But my other, more hands on learners…..not so sure they will connect with a program about people who lived thousands of years ago. That is unless I do a lot of hands on. Sigh. That's another post.

So what was your experience with CTG?
I think if all you do is read out of Streams and Victor, it is going to be boring. The Bible is not boring to us - and I still read out of the NIrV during school, so it is more like reading a story. You could always go with NLT or message even, if you wanted a more narrative style. But there are a LOT of hands-on projects and activities that go along with CTG. We've actually skipped a few and I still feel like there's been a lot. At times when I've felt like the reading has been dry, I look for something interesting, like maybe one point out of Streams to discuss or an internet link to lookup and find something cool. If you stay away from just read, read, blah blah blah, then history can come alive and not be boring - and there's quite a few tips in the TM about doing that.

This is probably a biased statement, but the people that I've talked to that have thought it was boring are the same people who skip the activities because they think they are too silly for their dc. Yeah, some of the activities may seem goofy to me, but that's what's great about being a kid - doing goofy stuff. Even my advanced learner loves the "silly" activities and gets bored if all I do is read, read, read to her.
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Re: Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by cbollin »

of course you can ask that :) it's all about opinions, and seeing the unseen...

I remember a really old thread... yes, it got archived

no, that's not it... it was another "is this boring" ah ha

maybe I'll chime back in.... I have to chase the autistic kid. I know it's warm in the south... but turn the hose off!

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Re: Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by MelissaB »

I was a little concerned before we started CtG, too, for the same reason. But we love it.

Here are some easy things we do to help with the "hands on" part:

- To help Streams of Civilizations be more "alive," we watch for dates in our reading that we can add to our timeline (i.e. the reign of last "great" Egyptian Pharoah, the Greek Dark Ages, Minoans, etc.). Each kingdom is assigned a color, so the timeline looks neat.

- Many times, our daughter will color a CtG Student Sheet while I read Streams of Civ and Genesis for Kids aloud. CtG Student Sheets include a lot of maps, which are easy and fun to color while we're reading aloud, and color sheets of various scenes we're studying (i.e. "Greek Women Spinning and Weaving"). The scenes are very intricately detailed, so she may color the same scene for several days. :-)

I am amazed at how much she really loves history this year, and esp. how much she's retaining. We started school last July, and this month we asked her, "Which king united the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt?" (I don't remember how this came up in everyday conversation!). But she didn't hesitate: "King Menes."

It's been a great year!
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Re: Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by Poohbee »

Hi there!

We are currently doing CTG. We love the fact that the Bible is our main history book! My girls and I do Bible together first thing in the morning, and we have some GREAT discussions about what we are reading in the Bible. The Bible is really coming alive for my kids. We each take a turn reading the day's passage aloud. My 1st grader reads a few verses in her NIrV, my 5th grader reads a longer segment, and I finish up with the longest portion. If the passage is long, I stop once in awhile to talk about what we've read and comment on certain things.

I would suggest breaking up the reading. We read our Bible passage and Victor (now David C Cook) right away in the morning, and the other history readings from Ancient World and Streams we do later in the day. The readings from Ancient History and Streams are not usually very long.

The hands-on activities that Marie includes really do help to make the Bible and the history come alive! We loved making the crown for King Menes and acting out that portion of history. It's been a couple of months since we studied the plagues, but we are still finding paper frogs in our books and around our house. My girls thought it was strange to eat "manna" (puffcorns and Nilla Wafers) for breakfast, snack, and lunch one day. My 5th grader just completed her model Tabernacle, and she absolutely loved making that!

It seems that when I am hesitant to do an activity because it seems too time-consuming or like it will be too much work (such as the Menes crown or the model Tabernacle), those are the activities that my kids end up loving and remembering most!

So, I'd have to say that no, CTG is definitely not boring. The Bible readings and discussions are great! The hands-on activities make it even better! I try to be sure to point out the connections to my dd as we're reading Ancient World and Streams. As I was growing up, I learned history in a segmented way. Everything was separate, and I never saw the connections. This week, as we read about the first civilizations in Peru and the Olmec people in Central America, I reminded my dd that these things were happening the same time that Moses and the Israelites were wandering in the desert and moving to take over Canaan, and there is also so much going on in Egypt at the same time. To me, that is so important...realizing that all of these people were inhabiting the Earth and building their civilizations at the same time.

If you just work your schedule so you break up the readings a bit, that helps for those hands-on learners that can't sit still for too much reading.
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Re: Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by LynneH »

I am not normally a huge fan of ancient history, but I must share that I am really enjoying CtG! So are my children. We are learning a lot and have enjoyed seeing the connections between the OT and the rest of the world. This has been a precious year.
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Re: Am even allowed to ask this?

Unread post by Stephc »

Hi Cyndi--yes, I am sure that's the case--reading, reading, reading can be boring for those who don't like to. Just like crafts, crafts, crafts would make me want to do bad things to perfectly innocent books. I liked Sonlight for that very reason. There were no crafts and there was a lot of reading. How boring for my hands on kids!

Thank you SO much, Crystal for those links. They were very reassuring.

Melissa, I am glad to hear you had the same concerns and that your year has been great. Maybe the people that say CTG was dull don't like ancient history? I know there are some that don't. I LOVE it and am also fascinated by the historical value of the Bible. That is something I really missed going to an A Beka Christian school--the integration of Biblical into the history of the rest of the world. It's ALL God's story! Thanks so much for your ideas. I'm going to be bookmarking these threads so I can find them again when I need them.

Thank you, Jen! I'm excited about all these ideas. I was shocked and fascinated when you said what you did about South America and the time in the Bible. I had NO idea. I love stuff like that! My current degree in college is history, so it really does capture my attention, and I am hoping to instill that same love in my kids.

That's awesome, Lynne! Good to hear.
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