Marie Hazell describes MFW Language Arts choices - Updated

Copywork, Cursive, Dictation, Grammar, Handwriting, Letter Writing, Memory Work, Narration, Read-Alouds, Spelling, Vocabulary, & Writing (many of these topics apply to other subjects such as Bible, History, and Science)
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Marie Hazell describes MFW Language Arts choices - Updated

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Author: Marie Hazell
Date: 2/19/2018

The books we have chosen for our language arts program--Language Lessons for Today (LLT), Spelling Power, Writing Skills for Today, Writing with Skill, and others--really do offer a complete grade level program when combined with the many informal activities already in our teacher's manuals (such as copywork and dictations using memory verses, and writing summaries for the history or science notebook). See: ... Grades_2-8.

We are convinced that this approach is the best for a number of reasons, which would take WAY too long to explain here. But I will briefly try to give you some food for thought.

1. When you combine our recommended books with the practical language arts already in MFW curriculum, the coverage of language arts is very thorough. We believe that this combination follows a Charlotte Mason approach better than any other program we know.

2. The programs are very time-efficient, teaching skills without "fluff" and "extras" that really aren't needed. Spelling Power takes 15 minutes maximum (we schedule this 4x a week) and students only study words they don't know. LLT takes about 15 minutes and is only taught 3x a week. Almost no parent preparation is needed.

3. They are very flexible and affordable. You can adjust lessons to your child's needs or a particular day. (If a child has been writing a lot one day, you often can often give the lesson orally in Language Lessons for Today. This REALLY speeds up the lesson, too!) These books may be reused with any number of children for as many years as they are needed.

4. This gentle approach is less stressful for children and parents. We are concerned that sometimes so much energy goes into language arts that children are worn out for the day before even getting to the "good stuff" in homeschool.

When is it best to teach parts of speech?

Respected homeschool expert Ruth Beechick advises parents of elementary grade students to wait to teach parts of speech. Students don't need to diagram sentences or formally learn about prepositions, adverbs, etc., when they are young. Why teach the same concepts year after year at the elementary level? Older children understand abstract concepts more easily than 3rd and 4th graders. Parts of speech are taught informally in Language Lessons for Today without the student even realizing it.

In 5th grade, when children are old enough to retain the concepts, we begin covering parts of speech more directly in Language Lessons For Today. This is also consistent with Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy.

In 7th grade, Applications of Grammar thoroughly covers parts of speech, diagramming, and more. In 8th grade, Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 8 is a practical review before entering our high school program.
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MFW Language Arts additions in 2015 and 2016

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2016 MFW Language Arts Updates

MFW has always recommended WORLD magazines for children. We used them with our children and have been readers of WORLD magazine for many, many years. In 2016 we formally added them to our language arts recommendations. They will make a great addition to your Book Basket and are convenient for reading aloud with parents.

I'm excited that this will help equip students see the world through God’s eyes and effectively communicate words of truth in whatever future God calls them to.

Blessings on your family as you live for the King!

2015 MFW Language Arts Updates

We have some great changes for 2015. After a lot of thought, and many conversations with staff and customers, we have several new recommendations for language arts. We hope you’ll consider trying them!
  • 1. To strengthen our junior high composition program, we recommend Writing with Skill Level 1 by Susan Wise Bauer (half in 7th grade; finish the book in 8th grade). We’re really impressed with this book. It provides the parent (as instructor) specific, structured guidance to help your student improve his writing.

    These lessons (30-45 minutes per day, twice a week) provide a strong foundation in composition needed for high school. The Writing with Skill Instructor Text acts as a writing coach, leading the parent step by step through each lesson in the student workbook, explaining specific ways to assist students (parent involvement about 15 minutes per day).

    2. We are recommending a new book for 8th grade grammar, Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 8. In just 10 minutes per day, students briefly review not only grammar but also capitalization, punctuation, and composition skills. It’s a great follow-up to Applications of Grammar (for 7th grade) and excellent preparation for our high school English program. Students have been very positive about using a similar book in our 11th grade program. I appreciate the way it teaches/reviews several different topics each day, all in such a short time.
Blessings on your family as you live for the King!
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Re: MFW Language Arts for 2015

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We have really enjoyed using LLFT for third grade and I am so excited that we will have this for fourth!

Thank you!
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Re: Q on LA for 2015

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I love how MFW changes and adapts to better and bigger things! So glad to be along on the journey!! I'm trying to convince my dh to make a trip to convention this year (we went last year) - I told him if we could just go to the great big hall of books that would be amazing. Lol. :-)
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