Books - Less reading can mean more understanding

My Father's World uses a Book Basket method to develop a love of learning and enrich all subjects; Independent Reading Time has different goals and methods but there is overlap in book lists and helpful hints
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Books - Less reading can mean more understanding

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Less reading can mean more understanding

I have 2 children age 12 and 9. I wanted something we could do together so last year I switched to MFW. I started with CTG and we had a wonderful year.

Yes there was less reading than our previous unit studies but that was very useful in helping us to understand things better rather than trying to get all of our reading finished on time. It worked beautifully.

We are now in our second week of RTR and so far there is more reading than last year but we are enjoying it as well and I think it is perfect for my two kids' ages.

The more I use MFW the more I love it and I wish I had a 5 year old to do all the younger years with MFW. They sound very interesting and fun. I know it is hard to decide. Pray about it. It will all work out.
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We are new to MFW and have just started ECC but I will share these few thoughts. It may not seem to have enough "meat" but I believe "less"can be more sometimes. The less allows the children time to ponder a topic with out drowning in it.

Another thought is, what are your priorities as a family and for your children. An example would be, I want strong Bible base but more naturally taught, learning together, and something "doable".

So far MFW has delivered beyond my expectations. My children look forward to school more often then not and so do I.
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MFW is not a literature based program, but a literature rich program. It combines literatures, text, and hands-on learning.

MFW does strongly recommend starting with ECC. But, yes, you can start with CTG because it's your school and you have to be the one who makes those decisions after prayer and considering all things. Again, don't rush to decide pro or con of a program based on the first week.

Imagine if you are lifting a very heavy box -- one that is too heavy for you. Then you pick up a box that is what you can do --- it is going to feel light at first. But it is really the "just right" size and weight.

Should you do MFW? who knows? I love the curriculum and have loved it for my 5th year straight. I love that we aren't just reading books. I like the style of teaching and instruction. I like the activities. I love the planning. I like the read alouds. I love the book basket concept. I like the Christian focus.

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Ditto to what's already been said, you're the parent/teacher and accountable to God to what He has for you to teach your kids. :) Trust that you will make the wise decision and continue to pray and question your options.

We have started ECC this year, and I am biased because I really love MFW - my kids love school and are learning and sharing what they've learned with many people in their husband loves looking through their notebooks to admire their work. My children are growing spiritually and growing in love for ALL of God's people and His Word. I second Crystal's love for book basket, it's an amazing tool as they come to me often wanting to read me the book they just read or con't in a chapter book for the rest of the day or week, or even call me over to tell me about something they have learned - huh, independent learners already!!! :) my kids are 5,7,9 - I hope that helps! The content of what's been taught over the years has been so rich. We've used K, 1st, ADV and now ECC. MFW has been a blessing to my kids and me.

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