RTR - Weeks 29 & 30 (including Maya/Aztec/Inca)

If you are using Rome to the Reformation, please share your ideas with us.
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RTR - Weeks 29 & 30 (including Maya/Aztec/Inca)

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Weeks 29 & 30 (including Maya/Aztec/Inca).
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(1) DaVinci

I Googled Mona Lisa to show ds how well-known this painting is. There are songs called Mona Lisa, theater movies, and lots of pictures everywhere. I played him one of the songs that says "Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa" over & over, & he thought that was goofy but it made him realize how well-known this gal is!

We put one of his Mona Lisa pages from God & the History of Art into his history notebook as a "DaVinci" page. Actually, I typed up the GHA questions that asked about his reaction to the Mona Lisa, and he typed in his answers. He actually did not like the painting (I made him tell why), but he certainly recognizes it now!

Oh, and don't miss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference to Leonardo, Michelangelo, & Raphael, if you have kids who have heard those names. (I didn't see Donatello in RTR so I looked him up. His most famous work seemed to be the first naked sculpture of David in bronze. Some of his other statues looked nicer, but I decided to just skip him ;o)

(2) Michelangelo

My 6th grader loved the recommended video on Michaelangelo, even though the notes suggested it for older kids & adults. (Well, maybe 6th is older!) We watched it over a couple of evenings this week.

I also had him type up a page on Michelangelo for his history notebook at the end of Week 30. He wrote a very brief bio & listed a few of his famous works.
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Re: RTR - Weeks 29 & 30 (including Maya/Aztec/Inca)

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I found some wonderful children's videos at my library about the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations.

The videos are entitled, "Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Aztec Empire", "Ancient Civilizaitons for Children: Ancient Mayan Empire", and "Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Inca Empire" each video lasts about 20 minutes and is an engaging, easy to understand visual exploration through each empire. They were a perfect addition to our studies and really helped bring these cultures to life.
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RTR week 30- film canister

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tyfb wrote:We need to track down a film canister for the rocket experiment this week. Where have you had luck finding one? Or do you know of a substitute? We may just do the mentos and diet coke combo if we can't find a film canister.

Thanks for your help!
I haven't tried drug stores or big box stores, but photo shops have all closed around here. My husband had one film canister though. He uses it to hold the pin for our air pump. We can borrow it for the experiment.

We're going to do mentos and diet Coke, too. Our grocery store had 2 liters on sale, and our youngest children are too young to remember the last time we did that.
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Re: RTR week 30- film canister

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Our canisters were from Sam's Club or Walmart--the photo dept.-- forget which one. They actually offered to give me extras if I wanted--learning for a school experiment gets them every time!

I see that you have a house full of boys--they should LOVE this! My son did the experiment for days, showing the neighbors and telling me how high the rocket went many times, until he ran out of the fizzy tablets (which, by the way, are cheap at Walmart if you get the off-brand). Have fun!!!!!

ds(14) 8) and dd(14) ;)
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