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Re: Singapore math questions..

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Thank you. I'm. Not using my MOD manual over the summer so I don't know if it schedules it or not. I just have done it since ECC daily.
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Re: Singapore math questions..

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The 1A schedule mentions starting to drill math facts daily about half way through the MFW schedule for 1A. It does not remind daily after that. Our daily reminder is on the ECC grid and I use Rod and Staff timed drills for it. I don't time the drills with my dd in 1A. I have her do the drill untimed. The boys do them timed for speed and quick recall of facts.

I love how Singapore teaches math, but the daily drills do have to be added to it for the memoriziation of one's math facts.
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Re: Singapore math questions..

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I want to make it clear that I did NOT use MFW last year, but did use Singapore for my kids. So, I could be missing something having never used the MFW guides.

For my first grader, we had to actually take a break from 1A for a couple of weeks to focus just on his facts. He didn't know them well enough to do the work and it became very tedious. The same thing happened with my third grader (can't remember if it was 3A or 3B). We had to take a break to focus on her multiplication facts. She was learning long division and understood the concept. But having to stop and mentally calculate each step made every problem seem to just drag on forever.

So, my thought would be to keep working on the facts (with Fast Facts, flashcards, computer games, card games, mental math pages, whatever). and also keep doing Singapore. If you get to a point, like I did, that they really can't move on without knowing the facts well, then take a break from Singapore and increase your math facts practice until they are mastered or close to mastered.
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Re: Singapore math questions..

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We also had to take a break to work on facts. We did it in 1B. It became clear that his dislike of math was because he didn't have the basic facts down. I tried all sorts of things to help him learn them. In the end, he just needed to sit down with flash cards and do it. We used the MFW flashcards and they worked wonderfully for us.

Singapore does not write in drill, but they do tell you to have the child memorize the facts. I have not used the MFW guides. So, I don't know what it says in those. But, Singapore HIG's do say to have the student learn the facts. They just don't have drilling specifically written in.

Good luck!
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Re: Singapore math questions..

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We are up to 2B and I simply use the flash cards that I purchased through MFW. We use them in a variety of ways. When it is nice outside, I have my son start at a line on the sidewalk. For each flash card he gets correct, he takes a jump forward. If it is wrong, he jumps back. We continue until he reaches the finish line. In bad weather we do the same exercise down the stairs or up the stairs. About 5 or 10 minutes a day does wonders. It is also a good physical break from sitting and gets the blood moving for all of us!

The other math fact learning tool we use are Math WrapUps. I have him drill +6 or -7, etc. while we drive to lessons and so redeem the time in the car too. I don't make it part of math, but for of the filler for when we have a few moments. You can get them from or even Amazon.

Finally, we do 1 minute time tests. Not often, but enough that he gets used to being a bit under pressure. We are working toward the 100 problems in 5 minutes which is rather standard for +,-,X,/.
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Re: Singapore math questions..

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We, too, use a variety of methods for drilling math facts. I've used flash cards, wrap-ups, fast facts, Quarter Mile math, and (a free program on the computer). Sometimes I've stuck with the same method for a period of time, and sometimes I do a different method each week, for some variety. There are lots of ways to drill math facts.
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