First Grade: Learning God's Story -- Share Your Experiences

If you have used My Father's World curriculum, please share some of your experiences with us. We would all love to hear your stories -- and it will be especially helpful for new people who are trying to determine if MFW is right for their family or school situation.
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First Grade: Learning God's Story -- Share Your Experiences

Unread post by Marie »

If you are using (or have used) MFW-1, we would love to hear about your year. I'm sure we are all interested in your stories!
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Unread post by mamax3 »

Just started MFW 1 too. Damian has been diagnosed ADHD, ODD and Bipolar along with vision impairment. I have found the curriculum to be great for him. We have opted no meds for him but do supplements and restricted diet. MFW1 is so easy to break into very short segments that he doesn't get frustrated or distracted. He loves the hands on activites too. Making the jar and scroll was great, digging up worms, and watching ants.

The other wonderful thing is the Large Print used. He can see it so much better. Again nothing but postives here!!

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Unread post by Heather (WI) »

We didn't get to use 1st grade, as we found it once our dd was too old for it. But, I think it looks wonderful, and would (and have) recommended it highly to others!!
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MFW 1 is great

Unread post by Tammy »

We are on day 15 of the MFW 1 and we love it. My daughter finished the MFWK program in a very short amount of time because she already knew all of her letters and the letter sounds before we started. Now she is in grade 1 and only 4 yrs old. We break the work up throughout the day only doing as much as she wants to do in one setting. Sometimes she wants to work for an hour, sometimes it's only 10 minutes but homeschooling is flexible like that. My husband has been showing her off at work having her read things to his co workers and spell words for them. They are amazed that she is only 4. I have to say that I give God all the glory and give this curriculum the credit for her fast learning. I don't feel like I am even teaching!!! It just comes so naturally with the way this program is set up! Thank you so much Marie for developing such a needed and loved curriculum!! PRAISE GOD!
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first grade

Unread post by Sharity »

We have only completed the first 17 days of MFW1. (DS is 6.) We will be taking a few weeks off for summer but plan to pick-up again in August with day 18. We finished up our K year with these first days of MFW1 just to make sure it was a good fit for us, it definitely is (unfortunately I didn't find MFW in time for K). I feel like we got more out of the few days of MFW1 we did, than we did the rest of the year!

Unread post by Guest »

I just ordered our MFW1 yesterday, and I can't wait to get it and get started. My dd just turnded 6, just finished ps kindergarden. Reading everybody's comments on this board and the Yahoo group helped me decide this is the curriculum for us, and I'm really excited. I'm also looking forward to reading others' experiences.

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Unread post by Alicia »

Last year when I saw that there was a Bible and phonics based cirriculum for reading(in Cathy Duffy's Christian Home Ed Curr Manual), I knew this was the cirriculum for us. Along with fulfilling my goal that my oldest daughter would learn to read this year, it has enriched both my daughters' knowledge of the Bible. She has about finished the student workbook lessons and Bible reader. We used the Proverbs as memory verses and writing. I also got MFW K for the younger one so they both used the science with that. We followed the Math guidelines and did several of the Bible projects with MFW 1. This summer she has been reading 2nd-3rd grade readers from the library!

This cirriculum has been wonderful and we're so excited to start ECC and MFW 1 for the younger one to learn to read this year! We'll still be able to do more of the Bible projects that we didn't get to this year! It has been a pleasure to see their faith grow. Thanks Marie and Dave for your gift of this cirriculum!!

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Unread post by Susan on the Space Coast »

I have loved seeing ds's "Animal Tales" and "More Animal Tales" books that he has copied the sentence and then illustrated them. They are so cute with his pictures that he's drawn.

We started the Bible Reader this week. As soon as he figures out a word in the sentence, he rereads the whole sentence. Then when he figures out a sentence, he rereads the whole story! I love it! And he's enjoyed it too!

We are also going to go to Pizza Hut the end of the month to celebrate his reading. Do you know about their Book It! program? I got a group of readers at the bookstore about a worm. They are just my son's sense of humor. Now he wants to read the first set of BOB books to younger children. (He better hurry, his 4yo sister just picked up 3 of them and read them herself! She's been doing the MFWK this year.)

This is such an exciting time of their learning!
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from MFW1 to Adventures!

Unread post by Danielle »

Hello David and Marie,
I highly recommend that you encourage families to go from first grade right into the Adventures program (unless their children are above grade level, and/or already have a great understanding of American History, the states, and our country).

We LOVE Adventures!! I don't know who likes it more, the girls or me!
It is very well planned, well organized, and exactly at their learning level.
It is exactly what we needed!
Thank you very much for writing another excellent curriculum!
Love and blessings!
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So happy with First Grade!!!

Unread post by Sharity »

We are very impressed with ds's progress in the MFW First Grade. The reading instruction is perfect for him. I was afraid at first, it looked like it moved so quickly, but have found it to be just what he needs! He is catching on quickly to most things so there is not too much repetition. Just enough to make it stick.

I 'caught' him just the other day for the first time reading a 'real' book off our book shelf, not just a reader. He has also read a few books to his little brother and almost everyday since then reading 'real' books to himself! I am so excited, I have a READER!!!!

Thank you everyone at MFW for the wonderful curriculum. We can't wait to start Adventures in MFW.

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have to share a salt map funny (day 62)

Unread post by InfertilityMom »

There is a wonderful idea to do a Bible Lands map out of salt dough on day 62. Marie suggests a piece of ply wood about 3'x3'. We had an old piece of plywood in the garage and I didn't have a way to cut it down so I just carried it in and started drawing then putting dough on with the kids.

20 cups of flour later and 5 days later, we are finally finished!!! Our map measures in at nearly 4'x6' and when we do MFW 1st again in 3 years, I will definitely heed Marie's suggested dimensions! LOL I had no idea my shoulders could get so sore just pressing dough onto plywood. But it is one impressive map. Tomorrow we paint. :D I'll have to send the Hazell's a photo of our masterpiece once it's all finished.
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Bible Notebook

Unread post by DS4home »

We have had a wonderful time working through first grade. We aren't quite through yet but thought I'd share a little. It has been fun to see the Bible Notebook develop over the year. This was something I wasn't so sure that my ds would like, but he actually does! :) He will most often draw a simple picture and then add appropriate stickers. But once in a while I get inspired to get out the construction paper and have him do some glueing. I just thought I'd share some of 'our' better pages.
* Noah's ark was fun with many, many little animal stickers used.
* A wife for Isaac - stick figure girl with heart stickers circling her.
* Joseph - I cut out a shirt shape from scrap fabric, he glued it on then drew a head, hands, and legs.
* The burning bush - he drew a bush then glued yellow cellophane over it to look like fire.
* Red Sea - blue const. paper rectangle, cut in half with wavy line, glue it in notebook an inch apart, color brown in between.
* Jericho - we cut about 20- 1inch size squares from brown paper, he glued some stacked up and some falling off to the side.
* Samuel - I took the weaving idea from the TM, and tweeked it to fit the Bible notebook. I used a 4 x 6 index card, taped 8 pieces of yarn across the long side. Then my son used a different color yarn to weave back and forth through it. When he was finished we left it on the index card and glued the back of the card to the notebook. Then he just labeled it as Samuel's bed mat.
Those are the highlights so far. Like I said, it really has been fun to look back at what we've done. Hope this inspires some other first graders! :)

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MFW 1st--my experience

Unread post by Tina »

I used this with both my dd and ds, except they are 2 yrs. apart. It was great fun going back and looking at what she did 2 yrs. before, and what he did. How some things were very similar and how different they were too. I loved the bible notebook. Both my children used things like photo doubles of our family, stickers, foil, paper bag, construction paper, etc. For example, we used small round paper hole punches for manna. We used a picture of my son sitting in a basket as a baby for baby Moses. We used tin foil to make the image of King Nebby, we used colored paper for the tower of babel and the walls of Jericho, and a red cord of course for Rahab. And stickers made it fun, and stencils too. We found an angel stencil and used it several times. We found a donkey stencil. It was a lot of fun, as was the Bible Story Book and how they could color it to their liking.
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MFW- 1st My experience

Unread post by chris »

I have two sons (5 and 6) we are using MFW 1 completely (less math) with the older and all but the reader with the younger who is doing MFWK for reading. We are on day 28. I think that the logical progression of the phonics is really going to help my 1st grader who would much rather watch reptiles than read. The lessons are short enough that he can get through the reading portion in 20 minutes or so if he is focused. I like the program very much.
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Unread post by kfrench »

We are loving first grade phonics. My daughter who is 7 and has a difficult time learning to read is finally getting it. It seems to help that she underlines words and so can figure out short and long sounds. She likes the short lessons. I copy down all the words on flashcards in color greene for constants, red for long vowels, orange for silent letters and blue for short vowels and we do a treasure hunt with that days words. My K has joined us for this and is learning all the words too. The color coding seems to help simplify it and help it stick. We love MFW. Thanks!!!!

Unread post by Guest »

Many thanks to Marie and David Hazell. MFW is a wonderful fit for our family and we are thoroughly enjoying MFW 1st grade (who knew homeschooling could be such fun!). ;)

My kinesthetic learner is able to move and touch and "do" school with a much better fit than last year's curriculum. She loves the bible notebook and gets quite excited about her workbook as well. The science projects are also lots of fun for her (and me).

We find plenty of time to go off on learning tangents. Just this week, we found ourselves discussing N.A.S.A. and space travel, my own childhood experiences regarding envy (see Proverbs 14:30) and even the Holocaust. All of these conversations stemmed naturally from something we were covering in MFW. I'm soooo thankful that my dd and I were sitting at our kitchen table, talking, bonding, learning about one another and sharing our thoughts, as opposed to a rigid structure that would not have lent itself to these experiences the way MFW does. THANK YOU!

Oh, and we hang the bible verse copywork on the fridge each week. I have taught my dd that she should take the time to read the verse aloud when she passes it as a way to honor God's word and to gain the blessing of hiding it in her heart. It really makes scripture memorization easier.

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

What a great time we have had this year! I have been delighted at how much my son (6), my daughter (4, who is doing preK stuff at the table with us) and I have learned!

Academically speaking, I have been completely impressed by the way reading is taught. Not too much, not too little - just right. Biblically speaking - just WOW. My son & daughter have learned parts of our amazing heritage from the creation of the world through the OT favorites. In addition to that, the weekly memory verses from Proverbs have spurred great conversations. Sometimes it begins as simply as defining a word they didn't know and ends up going deep into some spiritual truth. We found this in many cases with the Bible stories as well. Nothing is as important to me as building spiritual wisdom & discernment in my children!! What fruit we are reaping already from a sowing that only began in JANUARY!! Thank you so much, Marie for your thoughtful, thorough, wonderful first grade curriculum!

At the NC Homeschool Convention this past weekend, I purchased the MFW Kindergarten for my daughter & we will soon be purchasing Adventures for my son! I couldn't be more excited! By the way, Timon was a WONDERFUL help as we got everything together for our new year! What a delightful person - I know you are proud of him.

Thanks again,
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Unread post by TammyB »

I have to second the above poster in her comment about how helpful Timon was in explaining the nuts and bolts of the first grade curriculum. I was one of his first customers at the NCHE convention this past weekend, and I found him to be just superb in his role as salesman. In fact, I walked right up to the first grade display and said to him, "Okay, this is what I have been looking at online. Sell me on it!" Believe me...He did! (I revisited the booth several times during the convention and each time I saw him he greeted me with sincere enthusiasm.)

I am so pleased to finally have the curriculum in hand. It is even better than I imagined it to be! I can't express how relieved and grateful I am to have found MFW.

Thank you for your labor of love!

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Unread post by alfenner »

We just began 1st a little over a week ago, but I wanted to share
already what a great positive influence this curriculum is! This past
week we talked about how in Bible times they used scrolls instead of
books, and how they were stored in pottery jars, and that when the
scrolls got worn out they had to copy it onto a new one very
carefully, etc. Well he just came (out of bed) and showed me a scroll
that he had made and written on for a friend of his, and now he's
making a math sheet (like you do for the 100 days) for her to help her
learn math! After a long and boring year last year I'm so excited to
see that he's not only learning things, but finding what he's learning
exciting enough to carry over into "non-school" times and to share
with his friend! I know that had we not made the jars, the mini
scrolls, and worked on his handwriting scroll, it wouldn't have even

Just had to share! Thanks MFW for making such an awesome curriculum!
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Unread post by Heidi »

MFW-1 took my ds who was reading three letter words only and had only been in the states one year speaking sort of fluent English (adopted from Russia the year before) - and by the end of the year he was reading independently at the 2-3rd grade level in supplemental library books and writing 2-3 sentence summaries of the very Bible stories he was reading independently from the beautiful Bible reader! I have never taught any child to read before and wondered how to do it. I simply did as the TM suggested and we all watched in amazement.

My dd who was reading short vowel words did MFW-1 this year - and we have had the same results as her brother last year. She was also adopted at the same time, same place, only speaking Russian the year before. (She did MFW-K simultaneous last year with older ds above - though I started her when ds was half the year into MFW-1.)
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Started 1st grade...wonderful!

Unread post by Kristi Covey »

It's been a long time since I've visited. We just started a few weeks ago, and things are going great. A few of you may remember how very stressed I was about having a new baby and starting mfw. You were right, Crystal! We're starting off wonderfully! My son is doing fabulous, my dd(3) is learning right along with us, and baby Samantha (she's now almost 4 months) is fitting right in. Why was I so worried? My God will supply all my needs....and he has.
Thank you all for your encouragement.

Marie, thanks so much for a wonderful TM; it's relaxed, but scheduled so I don't forget anything! God must have poured on the wisdom when you created this curriculum! Thank you, Lord!
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Re: Started 1st grade...wonderful!

Unread post by InfertilityMom »

Sounds like our kids are very close to the same ages. Learning to juggle all 3 is an adventure, but does end up working amazing well with Marie having already done all the ground work for us! Praise the Lord!
Jenni Saake, Nevada
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Games to Practice Reading Words

Unread post by StarrMama »

Hi all! My daughter is starting day 18 of MFW1 today and God gave me a good idea I'd like to share. To practice the reading words, it is suggested that you write out the vocab words from the day on small cards. I have 3 other kids younger than my almost 6yr old...and that sounded a bit time consuming. I just photocopied the pages from her workbook for the week on card stock paper and cut them out. Now I have them ready for the week (I noted what day they were from) and we can play a game very easily and quickly. Hope this helps someone.

By the way, I thank God daily for the blessing of homeschooling and MFW curriculum. We are stretched and growth is happening. Life can be a struggle at times, but God supplies all our needs!

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Our experiences with MFW 1st

Unread post by LizCT »

I sent a message to the Hazells yesterday, but thought I would also like to post here about our experiences with MFW 1st grade so far. I hope that it will be of encouragement to other people who are using or considering using MFW 1st grade with their child(ren).

We are using MFW 1st with our 7 year old, and will be starting MFW K with our almost 5 year old after the start of the new year. We are all enjoying MFW 1st very much, and we are learning so much from it. Who knew I would enjoy returning to First Grade after all these years!!!!

Late last spring, I spoke with David on the telephone regarding my then 6 year old daughter - she was not yet a comfortable reader (although we had used 100 EZ lessons with her and she did well with that - it hadn't yet translated for her into EZ reading. David recommended using MFW 1st with her instead of pushing her ahead before she was ready.

The hardest thing for me was getting over the idea of using a curriculum that says "First Grade" on the cover with a girl who was "in first grade" last year. I had to let go of my thoughts about a couple of things: 1) the traditional school year calendar and 2) keeping my daughter on the same grade level materials for all subjects. After all, that is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling - we can allow our children to learn and grow at a pace that works for them!

We started MFW1st in the summer, and took a few breaks along the way. My dd loves the Bible Reader, enjoys the Notebook, and my whole family is benefitting from the Timeline that is now on our DR wall - it generated some conversation with the grandparents over Thanksgiving about early history that we wouldn't have had occasion to discuss otherwise.

My younger dd has been able to enjoy with us the activities that are sprinkled throughout this curriculum - both girls made scrolls, put on Bible times costumes, worked on our Bible Lands maps & salt dough map, among other things. I appreciate the fact that so much of this curriculum can include siblings.

We are now on Day 76 of MFW1. My dd has just recently broken through a barrier with her reading and is gaining confidence that she did not have previously. My husband and I are so pleased with her progress,
and she is very happy with her ability to read more complex things -
she doesn't fight reading aloud to me now. I don't believe that would
have happened in this joyful way if I had not heeded that advice to follow this excellent program. Thank you Marie - I love the
methodical way that the program is written! And thank you David for
your good advice.

By the way, I did start the Spelling by Sound and Structure (2nd grade spelling) and Primary Language Lessons with my dd in the fall, but decided after 6 weeks that we should hold off on it until she is done with the phonics portion of MFW1st. We will pick those things back up in about 50 school days!

Liz in CT
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Thanks for sharing Liz!

Unread post by StarrMama »

Liz, just wanted to let you know that it blessed me to read your note. It is such a blessing to be using this curriculum! I am enjoying MFW1 so much with my 6yr old. We are on day 60 and have just gotten into the Bible reader. Hope just loves the reader. I asked her to read "God Made The World" to her daddy and she excitedly ran upstairs to do so. She continued on to read more of the stories and always asks to read more when we are working on it. I too love the "master plan" that Marie has laid out with the phonics. What a joy!
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