Special Needs - English from the Roots Up

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Special Needs - English from the Roots Up

Unread postby Leslie » Mon Jul 25, 2005 8:11 pm

Brenda in TX wrote:I was planning to do the English from the Roots Up, but only with my 12yo, because my 10yo has some LD and is not yet reading. I planned on doing the Roots program with the other 3 in a year or 2 when I can do them all together. But after reading through the intro to that book, I wondered if I couldn't just do this with him now, but doing it more orally as we do his other work. Then maybe review in a few years when we are doing it with the youngest. Does anyone have any experience that is helpful here?

Does anyone else have children with LD's that has done the CTG program? What advice can you give me?


I'm don't really know enough about the Roots book or CTG since I have not seen them. But I used to work with LD children a very long time ago and these were younger that yours, but I did find that doing class work orally was sometimes the key for a child.

I think your plan is great - to try to do it orally now and then let him go through the book again with your younger child. You can always give it a try. If it's too frustrating now, just let him wait until your younger one goes through it. I think English from the Roots Up is more of an extra anyway isn't it - and not the main grammar book? Also, I noticed the description says for grade 2- high school, so there's plenty of time to attempt it later if it's too much for him right now.

Hope this helps some!


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Roots UP

Unread postby Julie in MN » Mon Jul 25, 2005 8:21 pm

I have used English from the Roots Up in the past.

You know, they sell pre-made cards for this program. I always wondered about them, since writing the cards out is the main way you learn the roots in this program!

But maybe for a child like yours, this would be just the thing? That way, he could participate in any reviews, matching games, etc., that you did with your other child. Of course, you wouldn't need to purchase the pre-made cards, if you had the chance to make a pre-made set yourself this summer.

Otherwise I think Leslie is correct in that you can do it all orally. Some kids learn better orally!

Or maybe if you write the root on the marker board, you will remember to point out words with that root in any reading you are doing, etc.

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Unread postby cbollin » Tue Jul 26, 2005 4:35 pm

Brenda, my oldest is my one non-LD child (out of 3). We still do English from the Roots only orally. I make the flash cards one at a time and have found that it works fine. However, verbal language is her strong point. My language delayed 6 year old is listening to her sister learning roots and tries along. Also, we posted the word of the week above the dry erase board with its definition next to it. They were seeing it constantly.


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Unread postby Brenda in TX » Tue Jul 26, 2005 5:30 pm

Thank you ladies, for your help. Yes, I think I will do the Roots program with all but the youngest. This will facilitate more discusion and make it more meaningful. My LD child (gosh I hate that term -- that's one reason I Homeschool) is good with vocabulary and loves logic. I think he will really appriciate this program, as it gives logic to some strange words in our language.

Have a great day. I hope everyone is enjoying your prep time before school starts, as much as I am.
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